The Benefits of Artichoke Tea

These days, we’ve found ways to make teas out of everything. There’s chamomile tea, green tea, peppermint tea, and more. These are pretty good for the health and have shown to contain some significant benefits for your body. 

Artichoke tea is the latest in the trends of interesting tea brews. It is made from getting the artichoke’s leaves and boiling them, then letting the nutrients steep in water. This tea has actually become popular in Vietnam, operating under the name trà atiso. It has a sweet and smooth taste and is pretty great to have once in a while.

Today, you can make your own artichoke tea or buy tea bags. Very quickly, here are some of its benefits: 

A bundle of nutrients

Artichokes are the quintessential super food. They are loaded with several nutrients, including but not limited to Thiamine (B1), vitamin C, and vitamin A. They also contain significant mineral deposits for zinc, iron, and calcium. By boiling the leaves of artichokes, you can use the tea to treat your body. 

Infuse your body with some of the world’s most powerful antioxidants and nutrients. 

Essentially, think of artichoke tea as a way to get the artichoke’s nutrients and bring them into your body without going through any of the peaky food processing steps. 

Immunity improvement 

Thanks to its significant deposits of antioxidants and vitamin C, artichoke tea can also help to improve your immunity. While this doesn’t mean that the tea functions as a cure-all that replaces other immunity-boosting foods and habits, it can boost your body nonetheless. 

Given how the world is right now, who wouldn’t love to have something to boost their bodies every now and then?

Stress and anxiety relief

Even the mere act of having some tea can help you to unwind and relax. However, artichoke tea takes things to a whole new level. 

Thanks to its content of zinc, potassium, and magnesium, this tea bolsters your relaxation a great deal. If you’re having a stress-filled day and will like to relax, artichoke tea is a great fix for your meal.

Possible reduced cholesterol 

While this hasn’t been definitively proven, there have been some signs that artichoke tea can help to reduce your body’s cholesterol levels. 

One study found that people who took capsules of artichoke leaf extract found that their cholesterol levels decreased after time. While there are some more studies required to prove this, there are promising links. This could mean that artichoke tea can help to optimize your cardiovascular health. 

It improves your skin 

Who doesn’t want to have radiant, lovely skin? Do you? Well, artichoke tea might just be the solution that you need. 

Thanks to its high content of antioxidants, artichoke tea can help to remove toxins that affect the skin and leave it radiant. In addition, some research suggests that the artichoke features several anti-aging effects for you 

The tea version is a better way of consuming the artichoke

So, you can’t buy an artichoke and put it in your salad. They taste quite plain and can be a pain to eat. However, you could easily season them with some ingredients and additives to make them better to consume. Some oil, seasoning, and bread crumbs should do the trick. 

With artichoke tea, however, you can avoid all of that. If you don’t love eating artichokes, you can drink their tea instead. Get the nutrients of the fruits into your body and save yourself the stress. 

Hydration benefits

It’s tea, right?  It will keep you hydrated. If you’re not the type to always drink water, you can always snack on a cup of artichoke tea and hydrate yourself. 

By hydrating, you can do a significant amount of benefit for your body. Hydrating will improve your skin, keep you more alert, and bolster your blood circulation. When combined with the inherent benefits of the artichoke itself, you will find that artichoke tea is a great addition to your health.

Antioxidants can help with cholesterol 

Studies have also found that the artichoke leaf extract has several effects on the levels of cholesterol in the blood. Thanks to its content of antioxidants that can dissolve into tea, the artichoke can help to prevent the damage done to your body from environmental toxins and more. 

Over time, the antioxidants in the artichoke can lead to a reduced oxidative stress in humans. It can also reduce blood cholesterol and reduce the possibility of heart diseases and more. 

Cancer-fighting antioxidants 

There are things called free radicals and toxins. These can potentially contribute to diseases like cancer and even heart disease. 

The artichoke leaf comes with a significant content of polyphenols. These are a form of antioxidant that dissolve into water and take care of toxins and free radicals. 

Studies have found that the extract of the artichoke leaf, when introduced to some cancer cells, reduced their growth and viability significantly. Adding the leaf extract also improved the rate of cancer cell death, potentially showing that polyphenols can operate inn anti-cancer treatments.