The Skinny Rules

The Skinny Rules 

We all want to weigh less. Weight loss is a significant goal for many people who want to live healthier, although it is never particularly easy. 

So, it’s worth noting some tips that can help you – as well as rules that you would need to follow – if you want to lose weight. Here are a few significant one:  

Be mindful of what you eat 

Mindful eating has actually proven to be beneficial to people looking to shed a few pounds. Like the name suggests, mindful eating is essentially being aware of the details of your meals – including where, how, when, and what you’re eating. 

It is critical to make more healthy choices when it comes to your eating. It is a direct consequence of being more in tune with your body and knowing what you like – as well as what you might not like. 

A lot of people who practice mindful eating also tend to be more aware of the food and its taste. They savor it, understand its benefits, and enjoy it more. When you make your meals, let your body register its signals and characteristics. Understand the scents, taste, and everything that makes the food so peculiar. 

It is critical to consider satisfaction when you eat, as opposed to being full. Also, bear in mind that many natural foods will do you good. All in all, mindfulness when it comes to feeding consists of asking yourself some of the following questions: 

  • Does the food offer great value?
  • Will it make you full?
  • Are the ingredients healthy?
  • What are its contents?

Banish the high-salt foods

These days, just about everything we eat has salt in it. It’s completely insane. However, if you’re looking to reduce your weight, you want to control the amount of salt you eat. 

Here’s why; salt allows your body to retain more water. It also induces the feeling of being thirsty, causing you to drink more water and juices. All of these will be pretty difficult to get out of your body in time. 

With salt, your body retains more fluids, and you will have a pretty hard time taking them out through stuff like exercise and all. 

High-salt diets also have significant links to higher fat content. In particular, you consume the type of fat that tends to accumulate around the middle area of your body. In the long run, you’ll agree that this isn’t good news for anybody. 


There’s no way around exercise when you’re trying to get lean. If you want to lose weight, you need to find a proper exercise schedule and work with it. 

It can be challenging to exercise. We all lead busy lives, and you might not have the time of day to come out and get the proper exercise. However, many people tend to believe that you can only see proper weight loss when you spend hours on end in the gym. 

While it’s advisable to spend as much time in the gym as possible, don’t kid yourself. If you can only spare 30 minutes to one hours a day, that’s fine. The most critical thing is to maintain that consistency. There’s no point exercising every day this week and leaving yourself to go free next week. 

If you’ll spend 30 minutes a day, make sure you do that daily. Over time, you will find that this will accumulate and actually cause you to lose weight efficiently. 

Sleep right 

One of the many things that exercise will help you with is your sleep. Many tend to associate sleep with weight gain, but it can actually help you to lose weight, too.

We all need sleep, and you should get as much of it as possible. Don’t deprive yourself of that beautiful rest just because you think it’ll get you fat. That’s a myth that you need to expel from your mind. 

Remember to Eat Healthy Foods

One of the primary points of losing weight is eating less. Since you’ll be eating less, you won’t be able to enjoy some foods that could actually offer you some health benefits. 

However, this is all the more reason why you would need to do better with your feeding choices. Take healthy foods when you do eat, so you can make up for the benefits that you might be missing. 

One of the primary focuses you should have is superfoods. These foods essentially bring a myriad of benefits for anyone, ensuring that they can enjoy great health. Take turmeric for example. The turmeric has proven to have several benefits, including anti-inflammation, brain and heart health, and even a possible treatment for cancer. 

A regular intake of foods like turmeric will go a long way in bolstering your health over time for sure. 

Eat more proteins with every meal 

Proteins are a primary component of your diet. Everyone knows why – they’ve been drumming them into our ears since we were in school. With proteins, you can repair the damages tissue in your body and improve cell functionality. 

However, proteins can also help you lose weight. By replacing the fats and cards in your diet with protein, you can tamp down the hunger hormone and boost those that make you feel fuller. This will lead to a significant cut in the feeling of hunger – thus reducing your desire and ability to eat more. Automatically, you take in less calories and can start on the journey to a leaner body.

Digesting and metabolizing your proteins can also help to burn your body’s calories. The process is known as the thermic effect of food, and proteins have a significantly higher index than fats and carbs. 

Cut your intake of refined fours and grains 

Refined flours and grains are essentially carbs. However, while some carbs can be good for you, refined variants aren’t. the consumption of refined carbs has bene linked to several problems, including but not limited to obesity and heart disease. 

These refined carbs tend to be low in fiber. They are also digested more quickly. So, consuming them can cause significant swings in your blood sugar levels. The swings eventually trigger a hungry feeling, which forces you to eat more.

The foods cause short-term fullness, meaning that you would want to eat more in about an hour or two. When this is consistent, you find that sticking to a diet is virtually impossible. 

Take out those liquid calories

We all tend to associate calories with food. However, they can also be taken in the liquid form. 

Currently, you can get a significant amount of calories from taking drinks like soda, juice, tea, and even alcohol. These are usually known as “empty calories” since they provide more energy without offering any significant nutritional benefits.

You want to avoid drinks like these. Unless you’re consuming a smoothie to take the place of a full meal, you can take unsweetened tea and coffee instead. Also, you can add some fresh orange or lemon to improve the taste of water without necessarily increasing your carb intake. 

Another drink that has proven weight loss benefits is artichoke tea. In fact, many sources recommend taking artichoke tea with your diet to provide you with some of the health benefits that you might be missing while ignoring several carb sources.

You should also take time out to evaluate how you feel. A lot of people tend to mistake dehydration for hunger and take in more food when they should just take some fluids and be fine. When you feel hungry, check to see if it’s actually hunger you feel and not thirst.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables have some special properties that allow them to work for weight loss. They contain a lot of fiber, but few calories. They also have a high content of water, meaning that they have low energy density. A little amount of fruits and vegetables can fill you up.

There’s also the added benefit of the fruits being nutritious. So, eating them will go a long way in bolstering your health – especially if you will be cutting your feeding significantly.