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Professional chef and social media influencer Reine Godard has gained global recognition for her ability to create mesmerizing dishes with exciting flavors, stunning aesthetics, and exquisite textures. Known for her commitment and dedication to creating culinary delights in small batches to achieve optimal flavor, she is passionate about cultivating dishes and experiences that are designed to be savored.

After witnessing the devastating impacts of chronic pain firsthand, Reine decided to start her own company, which would fuse unique techniques from around the world to create a line of holistic nutritional products driven by the power of real, organic, nutrient-rich ingredients.

Since launching House of Godard, Reine has become one of the most respected voices in the health and wellness community. Reine's passion for cooking and helping others has led her to create an exceptional product line that can improve people's lives. She is credited with transforming turmeric into a health remedy that has helped tens of thousands of people to receive healing from their various ailments.

Absolutely Amazing Product! I ordered the turmeric balls 14 days ago and feel amazing. The pain I had been having in my neck and shoulder fine, hot flashes are now manageable, nerve pain in my hands and arms are gone. My boyfriends aches from standing all day are gone and he has more energy. Thank you so much. This will become a staple in our daily routine. 

Adriana Ramirez

I couldn't believe that my rheumatoid arthritis pain is so much better now! I've been suffering this pain especially since 3 months ago. I've been going to acupuncture every week but it didn't help this much!! thank you so much and I already recommended for my friends!!

Kelley Eldredge

I'm an avid mountain biker and have early onset arthritis since my early 30's and have tried everything to relieve pain. I've seen these turmeric balls for quite a while and finally decided to try them. I've had them about a week and can already feel a BIG difference. Amazing product and awesome customer service. Will 100% continue to buy this product. Thank you!!!!

Dawn Malone

This is the first time in years I do not hurt! I know it's not magic, it's simple food! But it's done for me and easy to take! Taste great! THANK YOU!!!

Sasha Kelley

I suffered for 2 years with pain, having numerous injections, now i am pain free! Thank you for such an AMAZING product!

Rika Pobanz

I've recently suffered with chronic inflammation and a bonus of additional health issues. It's only been a week, but today is the 1st day that I have not taken Tylenol. I'm ordering more Turmeric balls!! Thank you, thank you.

Tiffany Thomas

I have PCOS and that comes with Chronic Inflammation. The turmeric balls really help when taken consistently. I purchase the mix and take around 6-10 balls daily.

Tracy D

I received my order of turmeric balls a couple days ago and I can feel the difference already, I gave some to my friend who has been suffering from sciatica for many years she took some turmeric balls for only one day and she told me that she wasn't hurting as much and she was able to sleep well that night, as a result she ordered turmeric balls for herself today. LOL it really works. My acid refulx is not even acting up as much and I just started taking them. Thank you so much, I have my whole family taking them too as well. I will share to others so they can get relieved from pain.

Pryanka Minaiy

This is the ONLY product that truly works - I was on pain meds for 15 years. I'm a believer!!!

Rebecca North