About Us

House of Godard is a holistic health and wellness brand fueled by the power of nature. House of Godard has remained one of the premier purveyors of high-quality nutritional supplements and products designed to address chronic pain, common ailments, and overall wellness. With decades of experience, our team of holistic wellness experts has created and cultivated a line of turmeric balls and nutritional products designed to help individuals eliminate pain, reduce inflammation, improve digestion, boost their metabolism, alleviate arthritis, and much more.

Our Story - Finding Health, Hope, and Healing through Nature

In the early days, House of Godard was just a simple dream that Reine Godard had. She wanted to create a product that would help people heal naturally without relying on painkillers. After developing sciatica caused by years of heavy lifting, Reine found herself unable to carry on in the work she so dearly loved. Before long, she found herself not only experiencing constant pain but unemployed and depressed. Desperate for relief and eager to return to a life free of pain, she attempted treatment after treatment – all to no avail.

Her funds eventually ran out, and after extensive research, she decided to develop her own remedy – turmeric balls. After only three weeks of using the product, she found herself healed completely. Encouraged by her success, she started selling her Turmeric Balls and other healthy organic products – and House of Godard was born.

Since that time, House of Godard has become a successful holistic brand. It provides people with an ideal alternative to painkillers and offers a product that is excellent as a daily supplement to keep the body in top shape.

Our Philosophy – What We Believe

At House of Godard, we believe it is our responsibility to create custom products and supplements that enhance and support our customer's personal health, wellness, and fitness goals. We believe that quality-made products begin with natural, organic, sustainable ingredients. We believe in the power of holistic nutrition to restore, repair, and rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit. 

We believe that nature should be at the center of our overall health journey, and we believe that the nutritional impact of food can offer incredible improvements in one's well-being.  

Meet Our Founder

Professional chef and social media influencer Reine Godard has gained global recognition for her ability to create mesmerizing dishes with exciting flavors, stunning aesthetics, and exquisite textures. Known for her commitment and dedication to creating culinary delights in small batches to achieve optimal flavor, she is passionate about cultivating dishes and experiences that are designed to be savored.

After witnessing the devastating impacts of chronic pain firsthand, Reine decided to start her own company, which would fuse unique techniques from around the world to create a line of holistic nutritional products driven by the power of real, organic, nutrient-rich ingredients.

Since launching House of Godard, Reine has become one of the most respected voices in the health and wellness community. Reine's passion for cooking and helping others has led her to create an exceptional product line that can improve people's lives. She is credited with transforming turmeric into a health remedy that has helped tens of thousands of people to receive healing from their various ailments.