GLASS 24-7 Moisture (Préparé Dual)

GLASS 24-7 Moisture (Préparé Dual)

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NEW NAME, IMPROVED FORMULA. Clean, organic ingredients only. Smoothest glide on skin, gentle on skin as a cleanser, and most importantly - instant absorption! Very light on skin, and provides longterm results. Your skin needs food and GLASS 24-7 got you covered. Bonus: its got SPF 50! We do not use any arrow root, cassava root, corn starch, any kind of starch - these ingredients are very bad for your skin and will block your pores causing acne and skin problems. We deliver results, not texture. Message anytime if you have any questions. 

**Please refrigerate upon receiving and always keep refrigerated.**

When using as a cleanser, use a good amount, massage in upward motion, dampen nano towel with cold water and wipe off gently. Reapply a pea-size amount for moisturizer.


*Organic Shea Butter 

*Organic Mango Butter

*Organic Pure Jojoba Oil 

*Organic Cold-pressed Abyssinian oil

*Rose hip oil

*100% Extra Virgin Coconut oil

*Organic Avocado oil 

*Includes Nano towel

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Edwin Velez
Moisture cream

Cream works great on my face and I have dry skin as well as a skin condition on my face. I would recommend all skin types.

Ana D
Love the way my skin feels!!!

Love the way my skin feels!!! Rēine, you did it again!!! Love the Turmeric balls and the Glass!!! Now I want to try the Pho!!!

Tracy D
More Stars Needed🤩

I have PCOS and my face is very reactive. Sunscreens, cleansers, moisturizers, and even make up will have my skin bright red, puffy, and hot to the touch. I was very frustrated and sad. Saw the TikTok and bought the Prepare Dual. I am absolutely in LOVE with this product. She really means a Pea size amount. Product goes a long way. It doesn’t cause me acne. There is no reaction accept to make me look Good 😊 It is a great moisturizer and oil cleanser. I used it at the lake and the beach for sunscreen on my face. It works! You do have to reapply. I’m very fair skinned and sunburn very easily. No tan 😞. Prepare Dual really protected me. Will definitely buy again and again 🥰

Edwin V.
Préparé Dual

It’s a great product this is my second order it works great and also my kids use it. I recommend it

Huong Lien
6 stars for this Préparé Dual from a Beauty Blogger

This skincare product is both revolutionary, as well as so nourishing for all skin types. Prior to discovering Reine's Préparé Dual, I was seeing wrinkles form under my bottom lash line from eye makeup removers that were harsh on the skin and required repetitive wiping. This product takes off ALL makeup INSTANTLY - saving my skin from so much pulling and wiping. Very gentle. Extremely moisturizing. Highly recommend!!